Rhode Island License Plate Lookup

Rhode Island License Plate Lookup

If you live in RH and buy a car, then you must have a license plate attached to your motor vehicle. So, for more information about license plates in Rhode Island State, you need to keep reading this informative article.

Searching a Rhode Island License Plate

Rhode Island License Plate Lookup will help you to get information about the owner of the vehicle and the current title of the motor vehicle. The Division of Motor Vehicle of Rhode Island supervises the process and applications for getting a license plate.

The activities include vehicle and sticker registration, vehicle titling, identification, registrations renewals, etc.

Plates Types of Rhode Island: Vanity Plates

There are many types of license plates in Rhode Island State. They vary from each other in their style, design, and also color. The certain type of  tag you get depends on some requirements.

For example, you need to have specific permission for getting military or antique sheets. Moreover, there are two certain designs of tags. They are sailboats and waves designs.

Individuals use number plates with waves design as a common type. While the sailboat’s design is considered an unusual tag type. So, by registering and approving the required application form, you can receive various types of specialty license plates.

Rhode Island Vanity Plates

Vanity and personalized tags are the types of specialty license plates that DMV provides. Vanity tag number must include two to six digits and letters.

The combination of motorcycles must include two to five digits and letters. And, the unique combination of digits and letters must not be offensive.

In addition, you can order vanity tags for motorcycles and passenger vehicles online.

Required Documents for Vanity Plates Application

In order to apply for this sheet, you will need to have:

  • The card sent by the DMV by e-mail
  • Recent registration card
  • Existing license plates
  • Ownership document
  • A completed request for your registration
  • Application fees

In addition, the actual applicant should be present during the registration process. In case of being absent, you must certify the application form in the notary office.

The state DMV may reject your application for one or more reasons, check out our RI banned license plates page for more details.

Application Fees

  • Vanity or personalized license plates fees begin from $42.50 to $82.50, $86.50.
  • A motorcycle sheet with wave design is $42.50.
  • Vanity tag with sailboat design costs $82.50.
  • Vanity plate with wave design costs $68.50.

Rhode Island Specialty License Plates

In contrast to other tags, specialty tags differ in their special designs and features. These tags carry out duties on charity and non-commercial organizations.

So, there are five main types of specialty number plates.

Sailboat Number Plate

Sailboat sheet with sailboat design is considered as an alternative tag type.

For applying to get this custom plate, you need to:

  • Visit the Rhode Island DMV main page
  • Next, choose the appropriate application.
  • Then, complete the application form providing the required documents and proofs.

The sailboat number plate fee is $47.50. Besides, you must pay registration payment. Moreover, by paying an extra fee, you can personalize your sailboat custom plate.

A License Plate That Demands Eligibility Requirements

Some specialty tags are limited to certain drivers and vehicles. They are limited because of the required eligibility proofs. For example, the Rhode Island DMW provides permits with eligibility requirements for firefighters, members of emergency services.

Charity Number Plate

The DMV supplies charity tags for registered vehicle owners. The fees for these plates are $40-$42.50.

A part of the tag’s payment is charged in order to help the plate supplier organization.

Military Veteran Number Plate

In the case of being a military soldier, then you can get a veteran plate from the DMV. For several military tags, you do not need to pay. But there are some plate types that you must pay for.

The fee also includes the registration payment. On the other hand, several military tags do not require a plate fee, but the registration fee is needed.

For members of the National Guard, the plate fee is $22.50. Plates are free for veterans, wounded soldiers, killed soldiers’ parents, etc.

Your military status and award must be attached to your sticker.

Antique Vehicle Number Plate

You can get and register your antique vehicle plate in two cases:

  • In case of having used your vehicle for twenty-five years.
  • If you use your vehicle for shows, events.

License Plate Gifting in RI

If the person wants to gift someone a license plate or someone gifts him/her, then the person needs to pass a vehicle registration in his/her name.

You must provide the required documents, including vehicle title, license or ID, and registration. Also, fill in the TR-1 application form and provide a document for tax exemption.

Moreover, you need to enter the addresses of a recipient and a sticker supplier, the relationships between them, and all information about the vehicle. In the case of having a car of 2001, the supplier must have a vehicle titling. If not, then the supplier must provide the old registration.

Temporary Number Plate

When an individual buys a vehicle from the dealer, then he/she needs to have a temporary sticker. You must apply to the DMV office to get a temporary sheet.

You need to use it until receiving your long-lasting number plate. For application, you need to have:

  • Rhode Island driver’s permit that you own
  • Vehicle insurance proof
  • Car titling
  • Purchase bill
  • $10 fee for registration

Your temporary sticker will be available for five days. Besides, you cannot renew it.

Rhode Island License Plate Colors

The wave and sailboat designs have different colors. The wave design is a custom plate feature. It is a blue wave tag with dark blue digits and white background.

The sailboat design is an alternative plate feature. The background is white with a gray sailboat, and its digits are dark blue. Since 1972, the Rhode Island number tags mostly have retro-reflecting and white sheets made of aluminum.

The digits and letters are more visible on this kind of sheet.

RI Tags Replacement

In case of lost, damaged, and stolen tags, you need to apply to the local DMV.

You can pass the registration and get a new one. Otherwise, you can demand a copy of your lost or stolen plate.

You will get it within ninety days.

To replace or duplicate a plate, you must provide the required documents:

  •  A registering application form.
  • Ownership proof.
  • In case of damaged plates, you should fill in the replacement application form.
  • You should have a police note to replace a tag.
  • Rhode Island driver’s permit that you own.
  • Vehicle insurance proof.
  • Also, $32.50 fee for replacement.

RI Tags’ Return.

An individual needs to provide the proper taxes, keep car security and insurance, etc. But some people want to return their number plates and cancel registrations in order not to pay extra taxes.

To return the plates, you can apply to any brunch of RI DMV. Also, you can return the tags in case of being out of RI State.

In this situation, you should bring or send the tag to any branch of RI DMV. Besides, you must inform the city or state, where you are moving to, about your new address.

Blocked License Plates

In case of having a valid car registration, also, the drivers should have approval from the Security Inspection. Besides, they should receive a verification sticker.

The “VIN” (Vehicle Identification Number) on the given sticker must match the VIN of the registration. The vehicles will be suspended, and the drivers will not be able to register and renew their cars in two cases:

  1. If the cars do not have approval from the Security Inspection.
  2. Also, if VIN failures exist.

So, to resume the suspension, pass the required checking.

Special number plates

There are some number plates, that are owned by the presidents, politicians, etc. David Corsetti, Providence’s president, owns the “N7” tag.

In recent times, the “N2” tag was one of the low-numbered plate types, that a lieutenant governor owned.

Rhode Island license plate fonts

There are four different font styles in Northern America. Mostly, the majority of license plates tags consist of straight lines. For example, the combinations include F, K, I, L, T letters and 1, 7 digits.

The above-mentioned types are:

  • Semicircular lines or DIN style
    The elements, including letters and numbers (R, S, 5), are attached with semicircles from different sides.
  • Oval, elliptical curves
    The elements’ arcs and bowls are in oval and elliptical forms.
  • Squares
    The characters, shaped by curves from 4 sides, are in typical square form.
  • Hybrid style
    It is a mixture font of the above-mentioned three types.
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