Rhode Island Tattoo License

Rhode Island Tattoo License

All tattoo-related industry specialists have to get a Rhode Island tattoo license to operate lawfully within the state. For this, you need to be well prepared․ After all, the artist bears a great responsibility for the client’s health.

How to get a license to tattoo?

Unlike Pennsylvania, this state holds strong rules for a permit of this art. No one may practice or consider themselves an artist in this state unless they are registered in this area. However, doctors who have a medical license to practice medicine in Rhode Island are excluded from this registration requirement. On the contrary, a doctor who practices in his own office has to register the site as a studio. Besides, he should meet the minimum requirements described below. So, you should:

  • Be no less than 18 years old.
  • Possess a strong moral character.
  • Pass the checking process and show your skill in the aseptic tattooing technique.
  • Prove the completion of an apprenticeship.


The application for authorization you must fill out on the forms that the Division provides․ If it is applicable, you may include a request for an inspection form. And then you can complete and send it to the department. Also, you need to attach the following documentation:

  • If you are a US citizen, then provide a copy of your birth certification.
  • If you are a foreigner, provide proof of legal entry and employment in the United States.
  • The entrance fee is obligatory.
  • The last photograph with 2×3 inches in size.
  • The “Inspection Request” form. The board finishes the checking process within 90 days after application.


Applicants and students who completed an apprenticeship have to demonstrate aseptic techniques through an exam. It is conducted by the registration agency to verify the applicant’s suitability for the practice. Such a test shows the knowledge and practice of the applicant in the field of infection control and other areas that may be considered necessary․ It takes place after completing and reviewing the request. In case of failure, the board will give you two additional opportunities. Failure to comply with all technical requirements will cause a refusal of official permission. If you wish to apply again, you may do so after a waiting six months.


If you want to start your career as an apprentice at a formal studio, you can enroll with the official agency. It is possible only within 30 days of beginning the training program. The duration of the course is eighteen months from the date of student registration. After completion, you are to submit the documents along with the tattoo license application for review and processing.

Clients who receive services from a student must be notified in writing about that before the procedure. Then they need to confirm with a dated signature that they voluntarily accept it from the student. To be present at all times during the process is mandatory for the instructor. The payment fee is $90.


The principal registers applicants who have sufficiently completed the request and passed examinations. It expires on December 31 of each year, unless previously suspended or canceled. No later than December one of each year, the online registration renewal application must be mailed to licensed individuals. Anyone registered in this way who wants to extend their permits has to submit it electronically to the department:

  • Confirmation of commitment to online renewal.
  • The services fee. It should be provided by the Administrative Services Provided by the Department of Health.

Expired tattoo license

It is possible to reinstate the same official permission if you have allowed it to be terminated. You must submit a petition and support documents to the formal agency.

If the period of your permit has expired for two or more years, you need to pass the aseptic technique exam.

Lastly, you may easily verify your tattoo license.


RI does not require reciprocity. Here your data should meet the minimum demand. Otherwise, you have to take additional courses.

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