Rhode Island Security License

Rhode Island Security License

A security license allows you to practice as a bodyguard. The Attorney General’s office regulates the certification process. But unlike Oklahoma, Rhode Island security license requirements depend more on the specific demands of the company than the government.

If you think of becoming a bodyguard, continue reading.

Basic requirements

Depending on the type of permit you want to receive, the conditions might vary. But some standards are the minimum. Thus, everyone has to meet them. Here is the list:

  • Be at least at the age of 18 (at least 21 for armed)
  • Be a citizen of the US or a legal resident
  • Good moral standing
  • No prior history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • No felony convictions
  • Absence of any disability that would interfere with the practice
  • Mental competency
  • Employment and address history of the last five years

The moral character of the applicant is significant as well. Values such as integrity, high regard for the law, and competency are all considered.

Those who also carry a firearm have to provide proof of the necessity to do so.


All the candidates must undergo some preparation to be ready for the job. The courses differ depending on your employer’s demands. They might train you themselves or have you go through college or another type of schooling. Regardless, some areas are essential to know. Some of the topics the lessons will cover are:

  • Role of officers
  • Law
  • Communications
  • Patrol
  • Emergency response
  • First aid
  • Writing reports

In the case of armed, the courses are more advanced. The classes, in addition to the ones mentioned above, will also cover:

  • Law regarding the usage of weapons by bodyguards
  • Handgun fundamentals, maintenance, and safety
  • Note that the teachers must be board-approved.

Application process

All applicants must go through a fingerprint-based background check. Those living outside the state should have their fingerprints made on FBI FD-258 cards. At the same time, applicants based in the state have to visit the Attorney General’s office. This investigation will be much more profound if the professional is armed.

The permit costs $400. There is an additional fee of $35 for the background check.

To apply, make sure you have your driver’s license (up to date), ID (given by the state), or passport, high school diploma. You should also have proof of completed preparation signed by your instructor.

The candidates with a pistol ought to provide a signed and typed letter from their company. The letter explains the necessity of having a pistol authorization. They also should present a signed document by their trainer confirming their firearm handling skills. The paperwork has to be notarized.


You should renew your permission every two years. To do that, you ought to take extra lessons. Start this process a month before the expiration date.

For more

For more information, visit the regulatory body’s website. You can also download the application packet from their webpage.

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