Rhode Island Insurance License

Rhode Island Insurance License

If you want to sell insurance, you must obtain an insurance license and become a licensed insurance agent.

The licensing requirements are different, depending on the state you want to get your insurance license in. In the state of Rhode Island, there are various requirements you will need to fulfill, such as pre-licensing education, testing requirements and many others.

This article refers to all these requirements and makes it easier for you to understand what you will need to become a licensed insurance agent in Rhode Island.

How can I look-up my insurance in Rhode Island?

The Rhode Island Division of Insurance Regulation offers an online verification tool for members of the public so that they can check status of the insurance license.

When you go through the link, you will see two blank boxes. You should select the jurisdiction, which in this case is “Rhode Island”. Then you should choose one of the search type options (licensee, company).

Once you finish, click on the “search” button and, thereby, conduct your insurance license lookup. If you want to clear the entered information, click on the “reset” button.

The online verification tool will let you have the need information on the license holder or on the insurance company.

It will be useful to know that the search tool also provides information on the insurance course or provider. If you need this information, then click on the Search Type “course or provider” option.

Steps to become an insurance agent in Rhode Island

Prepare for the exam

The exam preparation process is 100% up to you, as the state of Rhode Island does not have a requirement on the hours and ways of completing pre-license education. Therefore, you may either prepare on your own or with your friends, or choose an educational package and take the insurance courses.

Take the Rhode Island Insurance License Exam

When you have learnt the insurance material, you should take an exam and demonstrate your knowledge.

Note that you will need to take one exam for each line of insurance you want. There is a “back-to-back” offer, according to which you can take two exams in the same sitting. This way you will not need to pay the examination fee twice.

The insurance exam is a proctored test. Hence, you will take the exam in the presence of the proctor, who will look over you so that you do not cheat.

Click here to register for the insurance exam. You should pay $80 for each attempt.

Apply for your insurance license

If you have completed the above-mentioned steps, you are now eligible to apply for the Rhode Island insurance license.

Follow this link to apply for the license. The application fee is $120, plus the $5 fee for NIPR. If you decide to make any amendments in the application, for example add a new line of insurance, you will have to pay additional $50.

Contact Information

Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation
Insurance Division
1511 Pontiac Avenue, Bldg. 69-2
Cranston, RI 0292
Phone: 401-462-9520
Fax: 401-462-9602

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